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The packed stand, entire of cheer in the battlefield, often like a professional J League sponsor billboards - at the time, all-Japan large college football league finals movie of the sizzling Chinese network, its popularity, totally inferior to the J League. In the J League league commonplace sponsors, dwell television and ought to assist lifestyle, in the Japanese higher college football arena, is also a common landscape.

Japan Large School Football Championship how fireplace? Just take the 96th edition of 2017 as an example, this year's All Japan Substantial College Football Championship came from forty seven prefectures and a whole of forty eight teams competed (with two spots in Tokyo in particular) - like Takigawa, Fukuoka, Xingleng high faculty, Yuying Maebashi and so on, these familiar high university giants, have achieved the nationwide finals.

The teams in each spot are picked by the prefectural premier competitions and concentrated in December every calendar year in the "metropolitan area" to limited-phrase competitions of about ten days to figure out the most all over Japan, a lot more than 4,500 large university football teams. Since the 1960s, "Wintertime + State" has come to be synonymous with Japanese large college soccer. As the Old Condition Arena in Tokyo requires to be rebuilt to welcome the Tokyo Olympics, this year's finals will be held at Saitama Stadium, which is not only the 2002 Environment Genki Haraguchi World Cup Jersey but also the residence of Japan's nationwide workforce in recent a long time. Japan's superior school football The degree of emphasis can be imagined.

"Very long record" and "nationwide", these two promoting points, of system, by the sponsors of all ages. Using the 96th All Japan College Soccer Championship as an illustration, it has attracted the title of "Puma" in the worldwide sportswear manufacturer and reduced the opposition charges for athletes and collaborating educational facilities.

The tournament also has a degree of media sources. Background, the All Japan College Soccer Championship has NHK Japanese tv and sports tv station NTV as a dwell broadcast companions, with Asia's most significant newspaper, "Yomiuri Shimbun," led by forty three Japanese print media to provide assist.

The All Japan Large Faculty Soccer Championships are jointly hosted by the Japan Soccer Affiliation and Japan Superior Athletics Federation, which is a community curiosity syndicate much more than 50 percent a century previous. As a result, although large university soccer is a expression of amateur concept, but the operation is standardized and experienced, not obscure.

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